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Saturday, May 19, 2012

Minerals of Litchfield County, Connecticut

Platy ilmenite crystals encrusted on feldspar from Litchfield, Connecticut
Make an offer over $2,500
itchfield County, Connecticut has a very complex geology and a wide variety of minerals that ti date have been largely out of scope to the mineral collector.  It is our aim to make some of these minerals available to the collector.  Our first selection of minerals comes from a long abandoned mine in Litchfield , Connecticut that according to the records produced "soapstone" during the 1700s. Some of the minerals found at this locality include such world class specimens as kyanite, ilmenite, magnetite, quartz and many others.  There are over two-hundred minerals that have been identified in the county that was the home to over two-hundred mines in the past that have been long since abandoned and mainly forgotten.
James Dwight Dana in a painting by Danial Huntington - 1858

It is possible our long abandoned mine site is a Dana Locality because of some mineral specimens that were collected in Litchfield that are now in the collection of the Yale Peabody Museum in New Haven, Connecticut including ilmenite of which our locality still has world class specimens in sizes ranging from mere chips to boulders weighing up to several hundred pounds.  The size range of the specimens range from micro specimens to boulders that can be used in landscape arrangements.

We are making these specimens for sale to the mineral collector.  You can contact us at: for prices and additional information.

Below are illustrations of some of the specimens we have for sale:
This is a large specimen of staurolite in feldspar from Litchfield, Connecticut
Make an offer more then $150
Schorl wisps in quartz from the Whodunit Mine in Litchfield, CT
Price $25.00
Goethits pebble from an alluvial deposit in Salisbury, CT
Price $12,00
Stepped layers of ilmenite is feldspar from the Whodunit Mine in Litchfield, CT
Price $25.00
Platy ilmenite crystals in feldspar from the Whodunit Mine in Litchfield, CT
Price $50.00

This is a sample of kyanite from our locality in Litchfield, Connecticut.  This is a large specimen as can be seen by the quarter coin used to illustrate its size.  This specimen is truly spectacular with a mere photograph failing to do it justice.
Price $50

Blue kyanite in smoky quartz from the Whodunit Mine in Litchfield, CT
Price $45.00

About the Whodunit Mine we still don't know what they were mining except it is in a highly mineralised zone that contains many mineral specimens of all sizes and old artifacts.  

We will display more specimens that are for sale as they are prepared and photographed.

For further information about these specimens please contact us at


  1. Any copper or silver deposits in southern ct? How about uranium? I've been thinking about Charles island off the Milford coast.Any thoughts?

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