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Tuesday, May 17, 2011

A list of the Gemstones found in Pegmatites

Triphylite found in a cavity in pegmatite in Newry, Maine. This is a rare gemstone
Photo by Rob Lavinsky

The most common gemstones found in pegmatites are beryl, topaz and tourmaline according to the experts there are over 100 other minerals that are found in pegmatites that are used as gemstones. The following list is of some of the many other gemstones that are found in pegmatites. Finding all the gemstones listed here will probably keep you busy for the rest of your life.

The other gemstones found in pegmatites

Name              Color               Mineral           Abundance      Pegmatite Type

achroite            c                      tourmaline        rare                  LCT
albite                g                      feldspar            common           NYF & LCT
amazonite         g                      feldspar            common           NYF > LCT    
amblygonite      y – c                amblygonite      rare                  LCT
aquamarine       b-g                  beryl                 common           LCT
beryllonite         c, pl & y         beryllonite         very rare           LCT
brazilianite        y-g                  brazilianite         very rare           LCT
chrysoberyl       g – y               chrysoberyl        very rare           LCT
danburite          c, y                  danburite            rare                  LCT
elbaite              c, p, g, b           tourmaline         common           LCT
euclase             b – g                euclase               very rare           LCT
fluoapatite         b, p, pur, g      apatite                common           NYF < LCT
goshenite          c                      beryl                  common           NYF < LCT    
hambergite        c, pl, y             hambergite        very rare           NYF & LCT
heliodor            y                      beryl                  rare                  NYF & LCT
hiddenite           g – y                 spodumene       very rare           LCT
hydroxlherderite  c, pl, y, b       hydroxyl “         very rare           LCT
indicolite           bl                     tourmaline         common           LCT
jeremejevite      b                      jeremejevite        very rare          LCT
kunzite              p                      beryl                   rare                 LCT
lazulite              b                      lazulite                rare                 LCT
lepidolite           pur – p             mica                 common           LCT
liddicoatite        p – r                 tourmaline        very rare           LCT
londonite          y – c                 londonite          very rare           LCT
manganotantalite  r                    m-tantalite        very rare           LCT
microlite           y, c-br              microlite            rare                  LCT
montebrasite     c, pl, p-y          montebrasite      rare                  LCT
morganite         p – o                beryl                  rare                  LCT
oligoclase         c                      plagioclase        common           NYF & LCT
petalite             c                      petalite               rare                  LCT
pezzottaite        r                       beryl                 very rare           LCT
phenakite          c, p, y               phenekite          rare                  LCT
pollucite            c                      Pollucite           rare                  LCT
quartz               c, p, sm, pur     quartz               common          NYF & LCT
rhodozite          y-c                   rhodozite          very rare           LCT
rossmanite        p-r, c, g            tourmaline        very rare           LCT
rubelite p-c                               tourmailine       very rare           LCT
sanidine            y, c                   feldspar           common           LCT
simpsonite        y, o                  simpsonite        very rare           LCT
spessertine        o                      garnet               common           LCT
spodumene       c-g                   spodumene       common           LCT
stibiotantalite     y                     stibiotantalite     very rare          LCT
topaz                b-c-p                topaz                 common          NYF & LCT
triplite               r, br, p             triplite               common          NYF
triphyllite           b-g                 triphyllite           rare                  LCT
verdelite           g                      tourmaline         rare                  LCT
zircon               c, p, br, g         zircon                common          NYF & LCT

Abbreviations: c, colorless; g, green; y, yellow; b, blue; p, pink; r, red; o, orange;
br, brown; pur, purple; sm, smokey; pl, pale.

After V.B. Simmons Gem bearing Pegmatites in Geology of Gem Deposits, Editor Lee A. Groat, Yukon Geological Survey

This list is incomplete, but they are always finding new minerals in pegmatites and some of them are gemstones. Some of them are so rare that only one example is known. The hunt goes on!

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